Our three day notice process can be either sent by certified mail or hand delivered to your tenant. Having a proper three day notice is one of the most important steps in the Houston Eviction process. Without this process, the judge will not rule in
your favor.

COST: $0.00 - This Service is Free When We File An Eviction For You.

Did We Mention We Are The ONLY Accredited Business Who Has Over 1000 Evictions Filed In The Houston Area?



Filing The Eviction - After a proper three day notice is given, we will submit the appropriate documents with court AND attend your court hearing for you. You don't even have to show up!! We will prepare the case against your tenant by having a local professional review your lease agreement, conduct a military background check on each of your tenants and speak with you personally about the situation.

COST: $199.95 - If you have already filed with the courts. We'll take if from here!

COST: $299.00 Plus Court Costs. We'll properly serve your tenant with a 3 day notice, prepare the case and appear in court on your behalf. (Other counties outsite Harris County is an additional $75.00)



After the Eviction is granted by the judge, the tenant has 5 days to remove their personal affects. If this does not happen and the tenant still refuses to leave, you must file a WRIT OF POSSESION. This is a court order to force your tenant out with the help of a local constable.

We have the best program and most cost effective process to safely and legally remove your tenant from the property. With this service, the following items are included:

1. Filing All Legal Documents For A Proper WRIT execution

2. Coordinating With The Sheriff's Department To Meet The Constable At Your Property

3. Meeting The Constable The Day of The WRIT

4. Staying On The Property As Long As It Takes For Your Tenant To Move Their Belongings

5. Changing The Locks On The Front And Back Doors

6. Providing A Secure Lockbox On The Front Door With New Key Inside

COST: $450.00 Plus Court Costs. We'll properly file all the required documents with the court and represent you with the constable the day the WRIT is filed. No Hidden Fees Or Surcharges!






















Stress Free Property Solutions is based in Houston, TX and has grown to be one of the largest property management companies in the area. WE HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE WITH EVICTION CASES THAN MOST LAWYERS DO IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!

We have perfected all avenues in property management and can help you take the stress out of being a landlord. We have a professional staff which can cater any and all of your property management needs.

Stress Free Property Solutions looks forward to giving you life a much needed "stress free" lifestyle you've been waiting for.



"Tremendous job guys! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. It's true.... I am a little more stress free now."
------------------------------------------- Jim W. Houston, TX

"What a nightmare my tenant was. I didn't think I would ever get her out of my house. Thanks for quick reaction from Stress Free,
I was able to get my tenant out within 30 days!"
---------Kimberly A. Cypress, TX

"You guys did it again!!! I have about 20 rental properties and go through many evictions. Some are tougher than others. Stress Free Property Solutions ( Texas Real Estate Agent )seem to know most/all of the judges around town and know how to get the job done... and quick!
--Thomas G. Katy, TX

"Rick, I can't thank you enough. Your wisdom is incredible. I can't believe we did it!!! We will definetly be back..... I just hope not too soon ;) "
-----------------------Jill B. Spring, TX

"Ha. One three day notice to my tenant and they paid up! I didn't think it was possible after they stopped communicating. Thanks for
persuading them!"
-- David R. Houston, TX

"Rick went over to my house and knocked on my tenants door for me. Whatever he said to my tenant worked! Within 24 hours,
the tenant called and paid their balance in full. Even including late fees! All the best!"
------------------------------------------ William B. Houston, TX

"Feeling a little more stress free these days thanks to the guys! My tenant was just a pain in the butt. If I had a nickle for evertime my tenant
told me they would pay I would be a rich lady! Stress Free took care of everything from start to finish for me. It was incredible at
the speed they moved at. 30 days and I was done."
--------------- Debbie R. Houston, TX